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Northern Lights


From those who went through the process


Dr. Mackoff has the ability to see what’s really going on with me, even - and maybe especially - when I cannot. Whether in person or remote, no matter what the issue, he does his “magic” to help me gain more clarity and wellbeing.


I’ve been seeing Dr. Mackoff for a number of years. I don’t recall, specifically what brought me in, but over time my sessions with him have grown to be more than just a visit to the doctor’s office. Some days we work on a physical ailment that may be troubling me, and others we talk through what’s going on in my everyday life; which helps me to connect to the energetic side of things. As an ever-evolving being, I appreciate the variety of modalities offered by Dr. Mackoff. Whether it’s an adjustment or an attunement, I leave his office feeling lighter and more self-aware.


Dr. Mackoff is one of my most trusted counselors, healers, doctors, mentors, and undoubtedly, soul family.  He has a heart of gold, a grounded, graceful presence, and an abundance of wisdom.   He is authentic, unconditionally loving, and intuitively gifted and skilled.


Dr. Mackoff has been guiding me for over 3 years now in retrieving my soul, healing and opening my heart, and coming to know my real voice and innate power.  He has and is helping me to release the insidious grips of childhood emotional and psychological abuse and trauma, toxic narcissistic relationships, managing and overcoming complex-post traumatic stress syndrome and beginning my life anew.  Dr. Mackoff is compassionately coaching me along the path of remembering and learning how to truly love myself – accepting and valuing myself; having compassion for and forgiving myself; setting boundaries and discerning – and what unconditional love really is.   He’s used his myriad holistic healing techniques and his mastery in the metaphysical and the neuro-psycho-emotional realms to aide me in dissolving layers of negative armoring and energies, limiting beliefs/blocks, and distortions and traumas in this life and beyond to help me come to know, remember, and embody my inherent worthiness, divine goodness, and my purpose and mission for being here on Earth at this time. 


Dr. Mackoff has been a stable pillar of support, providing me guidance and tangible tools in building my new, solid foundation of Faith and Love, for which is enabling me to shift from surviving to thriving and consciously co-create my Heaven on Earth.  He leads by example, aligned in his words and actions.  In many powerful ways, Dr. Mackoff has helped to give me what I did not receive in childhood and what has eluded me my whole life – consistent unconditional love –  while equipping me to learn how to give it to myself.


OMG . . . Dr Jon is a total life changer.  Being a healer myself, it’s awesome to have a genius explore the root of my issues and bring me to a place of  healing, wholeness, ease and peace.  Jonathan has helped me in so many areas of my life.  He has healed physical issues from running injuries so I could keep running. He has brought healing to my heart and love life. He is such a blessing and blesses the lives of my daughters too.  We all love and appreciate his abilities and his talents for healing. Thank-you for being real and authentic you have changed my life and expanded my mind.  


Wow!!  Dr Jon, That was amazing!!  You are incredible.  Most talented healer I have ever met.  I can’t believe I was able to actually love my shadow!!  Rocking that damaged inner child in my arms.  It’s the cutest.  I’m so excited for her to grow and become more light.

My nausea and back pain are so much better too, and my womb is on a next level.  You’re the best!

As a healer myself, I didn’t know I could trust anyone to help me heal.  It’s been 10 years of not finding someone at your level.  You’re such a heaven send.  Thank you a million! 


Before working with Dr. Jon, I had it in my mind that all I needed was a functional nutritionist and chiropractor.  

The previous day I woke up from my nap feeling cold and snoozed at least 2 times despite the heavy blankets. The first time I worked with Dr. Jon, he asked me what I wanted to work on. I just told him I wanted to stop being tired all the time. He closed his eyes, and immediately told me I had an energy vampire. I thought "OK, cool but not cool; I'm ready to get past this, bring it on Dr. Jon." I closed my eyes and let him work his magic. I didn't tell him anything about myself and yet he was still able to pinpoint specific times in my life when I experienced trauma. There wasn't enough time to resolve everything he found but my body needed to recharge after all his rewiring anyways. I took a nap over the lunch break, and when I woke up I felt warm, and I didn't need to snooze. Wow! Blew my mind. I completely forgot about my spirit. I was already working with a functional nutritionist and chiropractor in Texas where I live, but this was the first time I felt an obvious change in my energy. Health truly is body, mind and soul. I will definitely continue seeing Dr. Jon for my soul needs no matter where he is.


I was introduced to Dr. Mackoff about a year ago.   I was going through a difficult time personally and I needed to find myself.  I have never gone to a energy healer before and had no idea what to expect.  I was open and decided to give it a shot.  I was coming off a divorce from a narcissistic partner  and I needed help to find who I am.  Dr. Mackoff is a gifted listener and meets you where you are with no judgement and with love,  He has amazing abilities to help people find  their higher selves.  I have done over 50 sessions with Dr. Mackoff and he has helped me make amazing shifts in my healing, I feel lighter, calmer and more grounded.  I am a different person and have begun to see things in another way which has helped me move forward. I have no words to express my gratitude for how much he has helped guide, coach and mentor me on my spiritual path even being thousands of miles away and in a different time zone. Thank you very much, Dr. Mackoff!   Looking forward to continuing this new path we are on together.


Not sure where I would be right now, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, or physically, without the  healing I received from Dr Jonathan Mackoff. In a relatively short period of time he helped me let go of so many deeply rooted negative beliefs about myself (some I knew about, most I did not) that I question how I would’ve made these breakthroughs without his treatments. These attachments have been blown away, revealing more of my true self than I’ve ever felt-with more on the way. My relationships with loved ones have been radically transformed, as has the relationship with myself.  He’s helped me change my life, and I am grateful! 


Dr. Mackoff has that beautiful quality of the quintessential healer. He is a licensed chiropractor, but also uses many other healing techniques for his patients. He has helped me with a wide range of both physical and also mental ailments, helping me fulfill my potential as an actualised human. Dr. Mackoff truly gives everything to his patients, and with kindness, love and humility. I am blessed that I crossed paths with him and I simply cannot thank him enough for all that he has done for me over the years.  5 Stars all around!


When I first met Dr. Mackoff, I came in as a young professional dancer hoping to heal a foot injury. 5 years later, I've discovered and healed so much more in myself than I ever knew possible.


When I first started attending sessions with Dr. Mackoff, I wasn’t sure what to expect but knew I had exhausted my conventional Western medical resources for dealing with anxiety, digestive issues, and pain in my body. 


Initially it was hard to sense into what was actually happening in our sessions - I didn’t know much about energy work - however I knew that my symptoms were improving and I felt better as a whole. Over time, my capacity to sense into energy improved (it no longer feels like I’m just sitting on the other end of a phone call - I can often feel stuck energy shifting and clearing during the sessions). 


My sessions allow me to get in touch with my intuition, sort through energy I have been carrying, and learn the lessons I need to in order to work through physical and emotional symptoms. I no longer have debilitating digestive issues or severe anxiety, and feel significantly more aligned with my life. 


My hip locked (years of ballet) and for 5 days I haven't been able to walk & experienced excruciating pain.

One appointment with Dr Jon Mackoff and I can walk and the pain is almost completely gone.  It truly seems like a miracle.

From the bottom of my heart, Jonathan, thank you.  You are brilliant and a beautiful soul.


As a lifelong Martial Artist instructor and fitness influencer, my pursuit of balanced mind, body and spirit has been a way of life. In 2006 I was introduced to Dr. Jonathan Mackoff  by a member of the Hubbard Street Dance Company. Initially, I was doubtful of Chiropractors, but his reputation for treating professional dancers coupled with a successful track record compelled me to gain an appointment with him.


Dr. Mackoff has provided a myriad of benefits in my life that continue to far exceed my expectations. His knowledge base is diverse and expansive; I can personally attest to his treatment and therapies based in chiropractics, muscle reflexology, energy flow work, mental health, nutrition/diet and perhaps most imperative for me - his ability to treat the health of my whole body, mind & spirit, while I had Cancer. 


To this day, I revere Dr. Mackoff  as more than my Doctor, he has become a dear friend of 14 years now. I firmly believe that he was a key component throughout my treatment and recovery from Stage 4 Squamous Cell Carcinoma (Advanced Stage Throat Cancer). Now, 8 years into my remission, his ongoing treatment continues to be a vital part of my mental and physical health as well as my overall happiness.  


I firmly believe, with 150% courage of my conviction, that any individual seeking an authentic and holistic approach to internal healing should explore their treatment opportunities with Dr. Mackoff. I absolutely endorse his unique and effective practice at a time in the world when it is most needed!


Mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually aligned, I can embrace the miracle of my journey, rather than suffer through it. Dr Mackoff uncovered and interpreted parts of myself that I was subconsciously hiding from. Together, we learned how to listen to my inner knowing, let go of unhealthy control, and develop authentic boundaries - not out of defensiveness, but realistic self worth. After one year, we notice a clear change in my trajectory towards self mastery. I had plateaued with conventional psychotherapy, and Dr. Mackoff's techniques are an effective gateway to a higher level of freedom. 


Dr. Jonathan Mackoff has been such a contribution to my success on my journey with my health, wellness, spirituality, and emotional healing. Jonathan to me is truly a healing wizard with skills and talents that are truly in service to people being well. I have done virtual and in person sessions with him and would recommend EITHER option as highly effective, and worth the time and energy investment. If you are seeking a highly compassionate, empathetic, educated, and multidimensional doctor, this is your guy.


Dr. Mackoff has an uncanny ability to quickly identify many deep seeded issues and help you to move on, release and heal.  In many cases he can do in hours what might take more traditional means years to identify and correct.

​Forms of payment accepted: Cash, MC, Visa, Am Ex, Venmo, Zelle

No insurance plans, Medicare or Medicade accepted

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